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StrikingAGreenChord SarahHarmer PERL NiagaraEscarpment UNESCO OhLittleFire EscarpmentBlues

Sarah Harmer, the GreenHero from our ‘In My Backyard’ campaign and one of our favourite Canadian Green musicians has been busy.

This year, Sarah's album Oh Little Fire is nominated for 3 Juno Awards; Adult Alternative Album of the Year, Producer of the Year and Recording Engineer of the Year.

In one of our previous webisodes, we profiled Sarah’s tireless work to raise awareness about the problems facing the Niagara Escarpment.

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StrikingAGreenChord BruceCockburn Myspace IfATreeFalls IfIHadARocketLauncher TalkingClimateChange

Watch Bruce’s poignant video of “If a Tree Falls” recorded originally in 1988, which he performed live in 2005 at the U.N. Summit on Climate Change.

The juxtaposition of acreage of untouched beautiful forest with images of clear cutting and mechanic destruction of trees really bring to light the tragedy of destroying these natural resources.

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StrikingAGreenChord BruceCockburn MelissaEthridge CanadaMusicWeek

This past week CineFocus and The GreenHeroes Team headed to Canada Music Week that took place in Toronto.

Along with big names like Sammy Hagar and Sarah McLachlan, this celebration of Canadian talent included more than 100 performers from all over the world.

CineFocus captured some great performances by Eco-conscious musicians, attended interviews and asked performers to weigh-in on why the environment is so important to them.

Several celebrated musicians have used their fame to spread the word about greener, healthier living and treating the earth with greater respect. There are some great examples in the music world of how fame can serve as a place to increase awareness.

by GreenHeroes
BruceCockburn StrikingAGreenChord music EcoActivism

Photo credit: Devin Lund

Can music affect social change? There is no doubt that music has the ability to effect us emotionally, make us think and see the world differently and that musicians have the power to change the world for the better with the broad platform they possess in their fan-base.  

This week, we highlight one of the many artists who are melding the world of politics with music.

Ottawa born Bruce Cockburn is the winner of 13 Juno Awards, an Officer of the Order of Canada and has more than 30 albums under his belt.

However, he is also a long-time, outspoken advocate for the environment and unafraid to publicly tackle difficult political questions.

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IanClifford PluggingIntoGreen Tesla TeslaMotors ModelT Ford Henry EV electriccars

Portrait of Henry Ford

Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry with his Model T back in 1908. He claimed the customer could have a car “any color that he wanted, so long as it was black”.

It was a car designed for the masses, from the well-heeled, affluent captains of industry to the lowly assembly-line workers.  Ford's vehicles, though made with the highest quality materials, were extremely affordable.

We have journeyed over a century away from the launch of the Model T, and as Ian Clifford indicates, we might just be “on the verge of very, very significant change, very disruptive change, sort of at a scale that we haven’t seen for a very long time.”

by GreenHeroes
IanClifford ZENNMotorCompany AnselAdams PluggingIntoGreen electriccars

The Tetons & The Snake River
Photo credit: Ansel Adams

By Elisa L. Iannacone

It takes one particular person to walk the road less traveled before everyone else follows, and soon enough it becomes the one most traveled. Ansel Adams was a true pioneer in the field of photography, creating a ‘Zone System’ in order to control exposure within the image.

His photographs make full use of the film’s latitude, from true black to true white. It is that passion for innovation that later inspired Ian Clifford, after mentoring with Ansel Adams, to apply this innovative mentality to the rest of his life.

by GreenHeroes
PluggingIntoGreen TheNextEcoWarriors EmilyHunter RobStewart AndyRiley

20 Young Men & Women Who Are Saving the Planet

Ed. Emily Hunter. San Francisco: Conari Press. 2011.

Reviewed by: Alice Van Wart

If we need proof that young people are neither apathetic nor in what is going on around the world, here we have it.

If anything, judging from the voices in this collection, young people around the world are passionately committed to counteracting the problems created by the powerful few who have squandered and destroyed much of the earth's bounty.

Their voices need to be heard since their very commitment might just save the planet.

In The Next Eco-Warriors, Emily Hunter, daughter of Greenpeace founder Robert Hunter, has collected the stories of twenty-two people that redefine the meaning of activism.

by GreenHeroes
PluggingIntoGreen TorontoAutoShow SmartForTwo electriccars EV PHEV

The Toronto Auto Show this past month saw the more traditional gas-guzzling machines we typically associate with car shows displayed alongside some of the world’s newest electric vehicles, showing consumers they really do have the option to go green when purchasing a new without having to sacrifice style and comfort.

From zippy two wheelers to more spacious mid-sized cars, the e-vehicle was out in full force this passed February.

by GreenHeroes
IanClifford ZENN PluggingIntoGreen JohnWayland EV PHEV WhiteZombie electricvehicles

White Zombie at Vancouver, BC EV Show
Photo credit: Plasma Boy Racing

Things have changed since 2007, and there is more widespread acceptance of electric cars.

But driving an electric car doesn't mean that your car is slower or less fun to drive than a gas or diesel powered car.

Click through to see a video from 2009 of John Wayland's street legal EV, the White Zombie, sets drag racing world records running on lead-acid batteries.

by GreenHeroes
IanClifford ZENN electriccars Tesla PluggingIntoGreen

Since early January of this year articles and blogs have been telling us 2011 is going to be “The Year of the Electric Car”. This mighty title was taken from an early January Globe and Mail article of the same name and has re-opened talk around Ontario’s sometimes unclear stance on electric cars on our roads.

Electric car use is presently at provincial-level jurisdiction, but that wasn’t always the case. Transport Canada originally approved electric cars for sale and use, but left the finer details to be worked out province by province.

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