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Have you ever felt a cool breeze wafting out of a storefront while walking under the scorching summer sun? Sure, it might provide a second of relief from the heat, but the cumulative effect of thousands of air-conditioned stores leaving their doors open and freeing the air is actually disastrous to the environment.

The air conditioners have to work extra hard to make up for all of the escaped cool air, which means pumping more energy and pollution into our air. We want to put an end to wasteful practices. Can we do it with one simple action, like Stuart Hickox does?

by GreenHeroes
StuartHickox VampireElectronics OneChange tirepressure

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Frankly, at One Change, we were getting tired of talking about light bulbs anyway. Vampire Load is so much sexier.

Buffy may be off the air, and I’m not buff enough to cameo on True Blood, but I’m welcoming the opportunity to represent One Change not as “the bulb guy” but as “the Slayer.”

Did you know that 15-20% of household energy use is power that is consumed by stuff that’s turned off?

All day, every day, a little trickle of power is being sucked from items like cell phone chargers, TVs, computers – yes, even when they are turned off!

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StuartHickox OneChange SimpleChangesMatter

A few years ago, Stuart Hickox came across a statistic on the Internet that made him realize that if everyone made a small change, the aggregate effect would be very large and for the better:

"If every American home replaced just one light with a light that's earned the ENERGY STAR, we would save enough energy to light 3 million homes for a year, save about $600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent 9 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year, equivalent to those from about 800,000 cars."

by GreenHeroes
SimpleChangesMatter StuartHickox

Imagine a world in which we all make one simple change. If every one of us changed one single light bulb from an incandescent bulb to a compact fluorescent (CFL), the reduction in pollution from power generation would be like taking 800,000 cars off the road.

If every one of us checked the tire pressure on our cars, Canadian drivers could save enough fuel to fill 257 Olympic-size swimming pools.

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Calling all budding green photographers! Here’s your chance to get your photos displayed on’s blog. GreenSnaps is a new feature for our bi-weekly campaigns, and we’re really excited to showcase the best photos we receive.

The theme of this call for photos is “Simple Changes Matter” - so get out there and take some pictures of you and your friends making simple environmental changes. Get artistic, get creative and get green!

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BPOilSpill OilChangers BrownPelican

International Bird Rescue & Research Centre

These are the people who work behind the scenes, not the talkers or politicians, but the workers at the International Bird Rescue and Research Centre. Their job is to clean the affected birds, and boy what a job it is!

The birds, commonly known as Brown Pelicans, are oil soaked, and have incredibly large beaks and wings which typically can be as wide as 8 feet. The birds are held down by two workers with a grasp on each wing and beak. When they calm down a little the work begins…

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Carbonzero CarbonSummit OilChangers CarbonOffsetting

Energy Photo of the Year 2008 Competition:
Winner of North America Region

On September 21, 2010, the Carbon Economy Summit unfolded in Toronto (if you happened to have an extra $675 + HST laying around). As many would agree, if we want to change the world, we have to shift the markets. The event originated in the U.S., but found its way north. Topics included total life cycle management, clean technology, sustainability, as well as carbon reporting, management and trading.

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OilChangers HowieChong CarbonOffsetting

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Can't afford to install solar panels and wind turbines on your roof? Craving to leave a positive impact on the planet?

We know nobody's perfect – everyone emits carbon in some shape or form from transportation and/or daily consumption of food and materials, which is why we're betting on carbon offsets as the global warming mitigator of the future - investing in projects that actually pump money into carbon offsetting initiatives across the world.

One of our favourite offsetting companies is Carbonzero, founded and operated by GreenHero and self-proclaimed eco-entrepreneur Howie Chong.

by GreenHeroes
LeilaniMunter OilChangers vegetarian ReduceCO2

Photo Credit: Phil Cavali /

GreenHero Leilani Münter is not only a crusader for change at NASCAR, but she's an advocate of living your values by making changes in your day to day.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Got 5 minutes every day?

Follow Leilani's tips below, and share them with your friends via Twitter and Facebook. Just pick one or two to start, and let us know how it goes by commenting at the bottom of this post.

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NationalWildlifeFederation LeilaniMunter BPOilSpill OilChangers

Leilani Münter is a triple threat: long before she was a racecar driver and eco-activist, she was a biology major in university. It seemed a natural fit for her to become the first ambassador to the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).

The NWF is America's largest conservation organization, protecting and restoring wildlife habitat. As ambassador, Leilani is the face of the NWF, speaking up on urgent issues related to wildlife and the environment.

We think it suits her well, and Leilani admits that if she had gotten paid for her work rescuing endangered wildlife in university, she would never have become a racecar driver.