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Taking Flight

Taking Flight
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“I think most people get an idea and they think, ‘Oh, that’s an outrageous idea, that’ll never come to pass’…[If] you tune into those ideas, and if you’re open to it, it happens.”

So said William (Bill) Lishman, subject of the film Fly Away Home and a great innovator in his own right. Bill’s projects didn’t come without their critics; he is famous for his persistence and determination in the face of naysayers and doubters, and for the successful projects that come from his determined ideas.

Innovation and persistence: two ingredients to Bill’s success and two essential traits in moving towards effective environmental solutions.

Bill used his ultra-light glider to steer the endangered Whooping Crane onto its traditional, but forgotten, migratory route. Since then, he hasn’t stopped producing, building innovative homes, creating world-famous art, and producing solutions to humanitarian crises.

Have you got an idea that pushes the boundaries? Take action and let your ideas soar; as Bill Lishman shows, you never know what might take flight.

Take Action

1. Spread Your Wings

• Help migratory birds by supporting the work of Birdlife International, or more locally, the protection efforts of FLAP in cities, Ducks Unlimited Canada for wetlands, or Nature Canada for birds and tar sands.
• Put your entrepreneurial ideas into action with the help of MaRS Entreprenneurs Toolkit, or funding from Tides Canada, the Canadian government or the ONE Innovation organization.
• Become an Ashoka changemaker.
• Share your ideas with the Air First Aid Team and/or become a sponsor

2. Social Media

• Follow Birdlife International and get updates from MaRs innovators on Twitter.
• Become a fan of Birdlife International and MaRS on Facebook
• Stay up to date with Bill’s next idea by visiting his site
• Comment or Sponsor his latest project AirFirstAid
• Watch Bill Lishman’s innovative ideas for stopping the Pickering Airport on prime agricultural land in Peter Shatalow’s documentary Last Stand

3. Sign on

• Read up and sign the petition to save Canada’s own Boreal birds.
• Donate to support Birdlife International or a Canadian campaign, such as Nature Canada or Ducks Unlimited Canada, to save migratory birds.
• Sign on for social innovation tips and updates from MaRS.
• Leave a comment here and on William’s webisode with other ideas on how to take action!


4. Spread the word

Share William Lishman’s GreenHeroes webisode using our neat Sharelizer widget. You can post videos on your blog or website by simply following the directions on our site

Remember – in the battle to save the planet, let your ideas take flight: Share your story of innovation and bright ideas sparking change by entering  our contest, and you’ll be eligible to win a prize, including being featured on TV as our next GreenHero! Contest details and more information can be found here.

Comments and Green Actions

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Elisa L. Iannacone 2011-07-29 12:21pm

"The Canadian Wildlife Federation is funded entirely by people who want Canada’s future to include healthy wildlife and natural areas, as well as the many environmental, economic, health and social benefits they provide.

CWF offers simple and convenient ways to take action for Canada's wildlife. With your support, we can help ensure a healthy and sustainable future for wildlife." Make sure to check out this website to see how you can help. They also have an "Action" tab.

Amongst the many creatures the CWF protects, there are migratory birds. Birds are a key part of maintaining balance within the environment through pollinating plants, dispersing seeds and keeping insects under control. The Committee for the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada listed 77 bird species at risk. Let's act now and help with what we can.


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