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Charity: Water

If you live in Canada, the issue of water scarcity may never cross your mind. But water scarcity is a reality, even in places where rainfall and freshwater is plentiful. Don't take clean, freshwater for granted. We should know the facts:

• Water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent – this number increases as the global population soars and urbanization becomes rampant
• About one fifth of the global population lives in areas of the world where water is scarce – that's 1.2 billion people facing water scarcity
• A scarcity of water forces people to utilize unsafe drinking water, which puts them at an increased risk for cholera, typhoid fever and dysentery
• Over 10% of the world's population eats foods irrigated by wastewater that contains chemicals or diseases, because of a lack of clean water
• Millennium Development Goal #7 aims to halve the number of people without safe drinking water by 2015 – water scarcity is the major roadblock to meeting this objective

Several organizations have sprouted up seeking to reduce water scarcity issues and help develop clean water supplies in these countries. One of these is Charity:Water, whose Founder Scott Harrison is a Green Hero.

Thirsty to make an impact on the world, he decided to throw himself a birthday party, asking his guests to donate a small sum of money to help provide clean water to those in need around the world. 700 people showed up, providing the money and morale Scott needed to get Charity: Water up and running. This amazing project started with a single simple idea, and, with the work and donations of millions of people, has now funded close to 3,000 projects and provided water to over 1.2 million people in developing countries. We can share the gift of water that we are privileged to drink. Visit Charity: Water to become a part of their 2010 September Campaign to give the charity of water as your next birthday gift, and donate $20 to provide clean water to one person for 20 years.

What are you doing to conserve water? Share your story here for your chance to win a prize in this week's contest! is all about saving the planet, one story at a time. Do you have a great story to tell about how you're helping to make the world a greener place? Enter the contest to nominate a friend or yourself - you could be Canada's next GreenHero!

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